Mama Bear Apologetics

Motherhood, although the most wonderful job in the world, can be challenging, especially in today’s culture. Frequently it feels as though the world is upside down.  Ideologies which proclaim “there is no truth” and therefore “morality is whatever you feel like it should be” are prevalent.  Our children, unless grounded in the truth of His Word, are susceptible to falling for these lies. This book club is for mothers who recognize these challenges and want to know how to address these issues in biblical truth and love and to empower their children to rely on their faith as they navigate this world.
Our first book is “Mama Bear Apologetics” by Hillary Morgan Ferrer. We share a lunch as we discuss this book and challenges we are facing, building each other up with support and prayer.
Our next meeting is on March 10th after services.  We will be discussing the topics of pluralism and new spirituality.