Children’s Education

Children’s Education

Cradle Roll (6 to 18 months)

Children love to hear songs and play with age appropriate toys.

2 to 3 Year Old Curriculum

Children are in a center based room where they can go from station to station and learn of God’s creation, Noah, Jesus’ birth, life, and miracles.  We keep them on the move!

Elementary Curriculum

5-8 year old class

We are taking our time going through the Old Testament, learning all the books of the Old Testament and basic Bible skills.  We are approaching the Bible as a history book and looking at the imperfect people that God used to accomplish His perfect plan.  The focus is on these people as examples – discussing what they did right and what they did wrong.  The kids are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions.  What can we learn from these examples and how does it apply to how we live our lives now?

Middle School Curriculum

Currently our class is alternating between two different subjects.  The first is based on a series of books by J. Warner Wallace, a cold case detective who applied his detective skills to demonstrate the compatibility between science and Christianity.  The kids have a great time using scripture, critical thinking, and logic to discern eternal truths.   All questions are welcomed and encouraged!  The second subject is on the reality of spiritual warfare, as described in Ephesians 6.  This is an engaging and exciting class on a topic that we see evidence of all around us in our society today.


High School Curriculum

The Teen Class has been diving into Biblical topics, including identity, reading the Bible through three different lenses (What does this scripture say about Self, Church, and God’s Nature?), judging others, making right choices, and the World’s view versus God’s view, just to name a few!  While there are points that are intended to be made during the lessons, the format of the lessons are meant to guide students to these point through Bible verses and open-ended questions.  This allows for great discussions where students can say their thoughts and the connections that they make on topics discussed.  Often, the students not only touch upon the Biblical points that were intended, they often build and expand upon the topic.  The discussions and questions in class lead us to explore further topics as we support one another in our spiritual growth and develop in our walk with Christ

Wednesday Night Children’s Classes

We are learning about the importance of Jesus’ identity and His teachings as well as how to respond to common questions and critiques of Christianity posed by the world.  This curriculum was developed from the book “Talking with Your Kids about Jesus” by Natasha Crain.



*We offer a soundproof & one way mirror room with a changing table and attached bathroom for toddlers & breastfeeding mothers available during classes and the worship service.  The room also has speakers to allow parents to hear the class/service.